Bike Measurement

July 15, 2021, 10:42 a.m.

Hip Hinge

Weight on the foot pedal interface and rotation (cadence) of the that force Nm results in a power output measured in Wattage. It should be of no surprise that the position of the cleat on the shoe has a direct effect on the ankle range of movement during the 360deg rotation of the pedal, it is important to ensure that the Tibia and the Foot remain in a tolerance of 70-75deg Dorsiflexion (top of pedal stroke) and 95-100 Plantar Flexion (Bottom of Pedal stroke). The dead lift as described by Kelly Starret in his book "The Supple Leopard" is an excellent of bike strength training activity that directly applies to riding your bicycle and improving performance, it is important at the top of the pedal stroke not to drop your heels as this results in a loss of the Hip Hinge function effecting the Bio Mechanic's of the Hamstrings and Gluteus A rough guide for cleat placement based on shoe size and your toe position in the shoe. Place your foot in the show and find the end of your toes, make a vertical line from this point to the sole of the shoe and from this point measure back the following as a guide. 46-48EU 80mm Plus 5mm(to the centre of the cleat) 44-45EU 75mm Plus 4mm 42-43EU 70mm Plus 3mm 40-41EU 65mm Plus 2mm regards Gary