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June 8, 2021, 10:12 a.m.

Australian Cycling Coaching

AUS Cycle Coaching offers professional coaching to all cyclists, from all disciplines. We work with all levels of cyclist, from Australian Champions, to beginner and non-racing cyclist. Whatever your goal is, AUS Cycle Coaching will work with you to reach your full potential. At AUS Cycle Coaching every athlete receives a custom written training program built around their personal goals and ability level. Athletes programs are constantly reviewed and there is no limitation to training program reviews and/or modifications. We firmly believe that the basis of a successful rider/coach relationship is built on communication. It is for this reason that we do not limit communication in any way, in fact we encourage all our athletes to call or message any questions, feelings or thoughts in order to get the best out of the rider. AUS Cycle Coaching starts off with an initial consultation for free. At $250 per month, our athletes get an unlimited amount of one on one face time (or calls when location does not permit), this also includes programs done via Training Peaks and we can offer a discount if you would like upgrade your membership on Training Peaks . (Note Juniors under 17 or younger will receive coaching at a discounted rate, contact AUS Cycle Coaching for more details)