Bike Measurement

June 15, 2021, 6:31 a.m.

The Saddle

In the year 2021 I am still amazed that manufactures are fitting 130mm saddles to medium and large frame sizes, 90% of all riders will measure for a saddle larger than 138mm. While most men will fit saddles 138-143mm, Women will often be directed to 155mm saddles, this is in my opinion incorrect and should be reduced to 138mm to 150mm. There are saddles made to suit various cycling positions the Specialized 143mm Power saddle and the Bontrager 145mm Aeolus are a good choice for your time trial or pursuit allowing additional pelvic rotation, whilst saddle such as the Selle SMP i have found to be better suited to a more upright position. To date I have never found a Fizik or Prologo saddle that works, and as such do not recommend them to my customers.