Bike Measurement

July 16, 2021, 5:44 a.m.

The STI lever position

The 2021 Le Tour de France has highlighted a variation in lever positioning, riders such as Mark Cavendish who use older STD shape handlebars have a curve on the hoods whilst Mikel Landa has the hoods pointing higher more Alberto Contador style. It is my option that although some riders opt for variations in lever placement the Hoods and top of the handlebars should be level, this allows the hands when on the drops to reach the brake levers easier and also allow a relaxed forearm to wrist angle as per Richie Porte 2021 Tour when riding on the Hoods. With the Levers (hoods and handlebars) being level it improves brake modulation when the hands are on the hoods and allows for better comfort due to more contact with the handlebar. Enjoy tonight Tour stage and keep your eyes open for variations in the STI lever placement including some riders internally rotating there levers. Moving Forwards, Enjoy the Ride Gary